Using Internet Forums as Organizing Tools
31 August 2004

Paxon Students Arrested For Possible Hate Crime

As to publicizing this sort of thing, I believe much more could be done right here on the internet. If you have a web site, you can link to American Renaissance. If you have a blog or post on non-AmRen forums, you can link to specific pages such as this one, as appropriate.

When something like this happens in or near your community, you might even think about starting a web forum devoted to the issue and recruit people locally to join it. The trick, then, is to get people coming back to the forum until they acquire a feeling of belonging. Then they might want to meet in person, and from that can spring more solid forms of organization and activism. For example, imagine a "Paxon Middle School White Parents' Association," which could organize letter writing campaigns, monitor public meetings, etc. If it is publicly denounced as "racist," so much the better -- in responding to the charges, the members can further publicize their complaints and themselves. Most of all, the members of such an organization, formal or not, could spend a lot of time talking with each other and developing plans of action.

The key to keeping a forum active is making sure there is something new on it every day and also avoiding, when possible, having too much new material on any given day. On a day when no one else has posted, if you are the organizer, put something up. On a day when there are lots of posts, keep quiet. If the forum is almost dead and a few people start chatting, let them chat away. If chatting is getting in the way of serious discussions in progress, then tactfully discourage it.

I bet AmRen itself is getting much more traffic since it started its forum, and, more importantly, that more new people are finding their way to it.

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