Kerri Dunn: Pale Criminal
21 September 2004, updated 20 December 2004

AP Wire | 09/18/2004 | Woman to Seek Testing for Staging Crime
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Woman to Seek Testing for Staging Crime

Sometimes sick people do weird things to draw attention to themselves and gain sympathy. Sometimes motivated political operators feign sickness to avoid punishment for their crimes.

There is no indication in the AP article, or any of the other articles I found via Google News, that Dunn has ever confessed, even after her conviction. The judge calls her a "bald-faced liar" and then gives her 90 days in the joint for "psychological testing." (I presume she will be residing in such a facility, but perhaps she is only required to show up on time for testing appointments.)

The prosecutors approve! The Deputy DA is quoted:

This may help us determine if this is some fluke that is never going to be repeated or if it is something that needs to be handled in a more serious fashion.
The answer has nothing to do with Ms. Dunn's delicate mental state. The event in question was not any kind of "fluke." Staged hate crimes have been employed by activists at universities and colleges all over America in order to "fight racism" and promote "diversity" and so on. See, for example, my article Virtual Racism at the University of Michigan in the Winter of 1987.

Also consider the initiative now underway at the University of Texas, which has recently established a "new vice provost for inclusion and cross-cultural effectiveness position". I did not make that up -- the link is to a UT press release! The scope of UT's diversity efforts is illustrated in an article from the Daily Texan: "Diversity leader will be a vice provost", which includes the statement, "The development of mandatory diversity coursework will be decided by University faculty members, but the new vice provost will be involved," according to UT President Larry Faulkner. UT diversity projects also include "reviewing the movement of Confederate statues on the South Mall." In other words, it's not all about "diversity," it is about de-Texifying the University of Texas, which saddens me.

Back in '69 and '70 I spent many weekend passes in Austin. I was an obnoxious young man from the North and I often ridiculed the "goat roper" culture of the area and the weird "hook 'em horns" signs that are now popular up North in heavy metal nightclubs. But I grew to love the place. It was not like Michigan where I came from. I was impressed by vastness of the campus design, which seemed part of an even larger design that included the capitol complex a mile or so to the south. Once I and a buddy visited the capitol building. We wandered around and even walked inside the empty senate chamber. Then we went into the house chamber and saw a choir of pretty southern girls wearing yellow dresses singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas." One Saturday we munched on some blotter acid and spent the afternoon on campus. The vistas were most impressive and some profound spiritual essence seemed to emanate from the old stone Confederate heros.

When any white Texan talks of moving those statues around, it is because someone has made him ashamed of who he is. And so we might wonder what provoked the current attempt to butcher the deep heart of Texas out of its body.

It was a pair of "racist" incidents: A sphingine Martin Luther King, Jr. was pelted with eggs and a fraternity threw or considered throwing a racially insensitive party. Well -- the horror, the horror, I guess.

It was a pair of similarly trivial incidents that also set in motion a huge program for institutional transformation at the University of Michigan in 1987: A very rude, racist "flier" was slipped under the door of a dormitory lounge where about 20 black women were watching television. About a week later, a campus disk jockey allowed racist jokes to be told on his radio show.

The interesting thing about the DJ incident is that, although it was station policy to tape everything that was broadcast, the offensive show wasn't taped by the DJ. No one even reacted to it until a few weeks later when a group of angry protestors, one of whom did have a tape, showed up at the station to demonstrate.

The interesting thing about the Egging of MLK is that, although the statue is normally protected by the pitiless gaze of a video camera, on the night of the egging, the camera wasn't working.

This brings us back to the hapless Ms. Dunn. The pattern at UM and UT is: Minor "racist" incidents, possibly staged, lead to protests, rallies, etc., etc., the whole boatload of leftist baloney. Then there are task forces, meetings, blah, blah, blah. Then massive programs for institutional transformation, yada, yada, yada. It is enough to make a sensitive, intelligent guy like me want to go outside at night and howl at the moon.

So, in a way, the Dunn incident was a "fluke." I suspect she was not a professional civil rights activist, merely a wannabe, just as she was a wannabe Jew. And she was a pathetic, wannabe victim. She is not insane in any legally exculpatory sense, but she is clearly messed up in her head. She is like Nietzsche's "Pale Criminal" -- I mean a really pale criminal ;) -- not equal to her crime.

But her patheticness is not an excuse. She tried to frame a student for her own crimes, claiming that her students were the only ones who knew that she was converting to Judaism and so one of them must have been the source of the anti-Semitic slurs sprayed on her car. For that reason, she should be given the fullest sentence allowed by law.

As to the Texan statues, I hope the heroic spirits are able to leave their eternal stone bodies for a while so that they can help rescue the Soul of their People.

Addendum, 16 December 2004

As reported on, Dunn has been sentenced to a year in prison.

I've been following the general issues of "affirmative action," "diversity" and "multi-culturalism" for almost two decades. At first, I thought the underlying motivations for these intellectually corrupt tendencies were liberal sillyness, leftist fanaticism, cultural deterioration, etc. Over the last few years, I've come to the conclusion that ploys like Dunn's staged "hate crime" are manifistations of a deliberate attempt to have white people displaced as the dominant factor in American politics.

That is not the sort of thing that can be proven in a few paragraphs. I simply encourage my readers to open their minds to the possibility. In any case, I predict that great uproars will continue to break out from time to time on American campuses over fake or utterly trivial racial incidents. For those who are concerned about such things, I recommend my essay, A White College Student's Guide to Political Activism.

Addendum, 20 December 2004

Interestingly, the University of Texas Longhorns will play the University of Michigan Wolverines in the 2005 Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, which is only about 30 miles from Claremont McKenna college, where Dunn used to teach. prediction: Texas 23, Michigan 17. Hook 'em Horns! ;)

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