Stand Up, White Men of the College of Wooster!
February 3, 2005

Early in October of 2004, the message boards outside of the dormitory rooms of several students at the College of Wooster in Ohio were defaced by racist, anti-Semitic or just plain obnoxious graffiti. A campus forum was held to discuss the indicent. Stan Hales, the college president, issued a statement via e-mail strongly condemning the incident. It was generally assumed that the perpetrators were white males. On December 16, another forum was held and the guilty parties were revealed. The acts had been committed by students who would normally be regarded as good multi-cultural liberals. The affair is covered in the article Woosteria! (Cleveland Scene, 2005-01-26), which is excerpted and discussed here (American Renaissance). I believe that white males must make strong, public responses when they are falsely accused of hate crimes. Thus, my poem.

Stand up, white men of the College of Wooster! Stand up and defy those who have defamed you, those who have wrongly blamed you, those who have called you hateful things and who have accused you of harboring hateful attitudes.

Stand up and reject all pious calls for "dialog." Is it really your calling to devote your life to the deep understanding of those who attempt to gain political advantage over you by insulting you?

You understand these people well enough right now, without the need for any "forums" or encounters or sensitivity training or object lessons in "diversity."

You understand that they want you constantly appologizing, constantly confused, constantly defending yourself, constantly backing up, backing down, bending over or doing whatever trick they demand of you at any given moment.

Stand up and ridicule the "Oedipus Wooster" college left: "Gosh, looks like it was us multi-culturalists all along. . ." That is the best they can come up with! The plague of political correctness has fallen upon your little town in Ohio, and timid souls who now blush and scrape their feet and mumble quaint phrases about education and atonement are far too small to be tragic in any classical sense. Where now the mighty deprecations against racism? Where now the haughty postures of morality and righteousness?

Stand up and sneer at the cheep "virtues" of those who, only moments ago, were denouncing you.

Stand up and revel in your vindication!

Stand up, assured of your own character!

Stand up and assert your right to seek the light of truth on your own terms.

Stand up and insist, without compromise, that it is your right and your right alone to tell the world who you are.

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