White Nerds and Black Overachievers
1 September 2004

Sneering Peers Jeer At Black Achievers

It is sad: The status of these black students as "brainy types, unappreciated by peers" is similar to the situation some white kids are in. I used to be an avid follower of slashdot.org, a forum about computer related issues which calls itself "news for nerds." When the thread topic was appropriate, a number of members would report having been regularly beaten up during their school years. I read similar reports on a University of Michigan message board about 17 years ago.

The point of this being: neither the white nerd nor the black "over achiever" need structured diversity workshops in order to "know what it's like to be different." I think the potential contributions of both sub-groups to social progress is severly thwarted by the academic establishment's obsession, not with any true understanding of diversity, but with their particular "politically correct" theories about it.

The real tragedy is that the black achievers, upon entering college, instead of finding themselves happily placed in the company of other humans with similar interests and abilities are, for practical purposes, forced to identify with those who had been tormenting them.

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