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Tomorrow Belongs To You
an inspirational poem for white youth.

I Am The Other
a philippic against academic diversity-mongers.

various trippy little verses
a selection of poems i wrote back in the '60s and early '70s.

Sir Eel
A compilation of related fragments assembled to celebrate my favorite slithery creature from the vasty deep.

Crazy Butterfly
A short poem inspired by one of my favorite bartenders.

Creation Science
A short poem.

A dark, moody little poem which was written as an exercise.

The Dung Beetle Poem
Meditations on a society where position in the social hierarchy corresponds precisely with position on the food chain.

Poetry Reading
What else, more poetry.

A satiric, fictional reply to the abusive 'blue eyes/brown eyes' exercise devised by Jane Elliott.

Dunce Messiah
The president of the United States becomes a character in a movie based on the novels of Frank Herbert. ;)

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